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I'm changing my profession. I've decided that yesterday.

When I was a kid, I liked to pretend I work in an office. I answer phones calls and I sign ''documents''. I had some old stamps and I used to stamp them on each piece of paper and practice my signature.
So I guess,  I can say I have some experience :D


I have trained myself to not complain out loud.
I'm astonished by the results.


Somehow I feel very, very positive about my future job. I'm still on the job-hunt thou ;)

The summer holidays are close. Looking forward to meet our Canarian friends. And to visit all those familiar places.


Today is our 9th wedding anniversary! I feel that I neglected today's day :/ Lately I've been quite busy. And tired.

I also got job refusal today. Twice! I'm not worried tho. Too tired to be worried.