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I sit on the sunbed, one I bought 2 years ago and I listen to the sound of the ocean. It feels like we have never left this place. Just our apartment is better. We swapped bin view (#budgettravel ) for the ocean view (#bigspenders ).  And Canarian Princess is now with us. Finally at home. ;)
We wander around the streets and refresh our memories about things we have done and food we have eaten during the time we lived here. And we are doing so well with our Spanglish! 

Recent posts


I'm changing my profession. I've decided that yesterday.

When I was a kid, I liked to pretend I work in an office. I answer phones calls and I sign ''documents''. I had some old stamps and I used to stamp them on each piece of paper and practice my signature.
So I guess,  I can say I have some experience :D


I have trained myself to not complain out loud.
I'm astonished by the results.


Somehow I feel very, very positive about my future job. I'm still on the job-hunt thou ;)

The summer holidays are close. Looking forward to meet our Canarian friends. And to visit all those familiar places.


Today is our 9th wedding anniversary! I feel that I neglected today's day :/ Lately I've been quite busy. And tired.

I also got job refusal today. Twice! I'm not worried tho. Too tired to be worried.


There has been some ups and downs. One day I think I can! Then I wake up and I'm not so sure about it.
I have been frustrated, disappointed, angry. I guess I went through all shades of self-doubt. But you know what? I'm not worried about it because it all brings me closer to clarity.

I'm not 100% sure what I want, but I can see general idea how I want my life to look like. I'm getting there.Whatever "there" is, ha!

I'm happy. Life keeps me happy. And things are always working out for me.


Life keeps me entertained. But the quest for a dream job is still on.
I've destroyed my old journals today. Deliberately. And I feel lighter by 5 years.